Pro Line – Training Paks for Men


– High Potency Vitamins And Minerals

– Enhanced Energy And Endurance Support

– Testosterone Boosters

– Immune System Support

– Greens Superfood Complex

– Antioxidant Complex

– Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

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TRAINING PAKS FOR ATHLETIC MEN provides everything that a regular multivitamin will, along with much more nutritional value.  This includes:

A full serving of VITAMIN C (500mg) enough to raise the immune-supporting glutathione levels in your body, along with BIOFLAVONOIDS to keep veins and capillaries strong. This form of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) is buffered, to stay active in the body longer than the cheaper ascorbic acid products. And it comes in a base of Rosehip extract, a natural food-based matrix to improve the absorption of the vitamin C.

A full daily dose of VITAMIN E (400 IU), enough to keep the blood oxygenated and the heart healthy. This dry form of natural vitamin E, known as succinate, is a more powerful antioxidant than conventional forms of vitamin E

OMEGA 3 ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS in the form of pharmaceutical-grade fish oils, to protect the heart and keep inflammation in check. This double-strength capsule provides 600mg of mixed EPA/DHA, equivalent to a serving of deep-water fish.

CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM are provided at 300mg of each, equivalent to more than half the daily requirement of each. Other mineral co-factors are included, like BORON and SILICA, which serve to channel calcium into the bones, keeping them strong and flexible. -DIGESTIVE  SUPPORT provided by a full dose of ENZYMES, that not only aids in assimilating the nutrients in the TRAINING PAKS, but also helps with the digestion of the meal that it is taken with.

GREENS SUPERFOODS are included in the mix to provide a synergistic base of trace minerals and nutrients. These trace elements are necessary to properly absorb the high levels of isolated nutrients found in the TRAINING PAKS.  For the athletic man, all this extra nutritional support works to sustain a workout (or just a busy lifestyle), while aiding in both endurance and recovery.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF TRAINING PAKS Because we have a packet full of nutrients, rather than just a pill or two, TRAINING PAKS can offer effective levels of the nutrients and herbs listed below to support the health issues indicated.

BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION Keeping our blood sugar stable, also keeps our energy levels stable throughout the day, helps to prevent diabetes, and stops carbs from being stored as fat in the body. Chromium Polynicotinate is provided at the clinically effective dose of 200mcg, along with 30mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

LIVER SUPPORT MILK THISTLE EXTRACT along with the chlorophyll from CHLORELLA, SPIIRULINA, and the juices from ALFALFA, BARLEY AND WHEAT GRASS, all serve to keep the liver clean and healthy.

TESTOSTERONE SUPPORT from herbal extracts that naturally maintain free-testosterone levels in the blood. These include AVENA SATIVA and BULGARIAN TRIBULUS.

PROSTATE SUPPORT from LYCOPENE, SAW PALMETTO and the minerals BORON, SELENIUM and ZINC, can prevent prostate problems from developing, and help to reverse existing conditions. These nutrients can not only shrink a swollen prostate (indicated by having to get up at night to urinate), but are also proven to help prevent prostate cancer.

EXTRA ANTIOXIDANTS help to reduce free-radical damage that can target muscles and joints, after vigorous exercise. These antioxidants both keep inflammation in check and help to prevent diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Aside from the vitamin and mineral antioxidants, vitamin C, E, BETA CAROTENE, and SELENIUM, TRAINING PAKS also provides bonus antioxidants from ALPHA LIPOIC ACID, COQ10, GRAPE SEED EXTRACT, and GREEN TEA EXTRACT. IMMUNE FUNCTION: The wide range of anti-oxidants found in TRAINING PAKS all serve in part to support the immune system, either by fighting free radical damage or raising glutathione levels. Because TRAINING PAKS are made for men they include more ZINC than products made for both genders. This extra ZINC, required by men, helps give the immune system adequate resources to fight infection. Also, because this is a formula just for men, it contains no iron. Iron is linked to heart disease in men who eat meat, and too much iron can feed infection in the body, so men should not take iron unless told to do so by a health professional.

HEART HEALTH AND CIRCULATION are supported by TRAING PAKS, which include plenty of the B-VITAMINS, including the three B vitamins that work together to prevent homocysteine levels from building up in the body (Folic Acid, B-6, B-12). Homocysteine, in excess, allows cholesterol to become trapped in the arteries, leading to heart disease. Other nutrients present that help to prevent heart disease, and which work to keep the heart muscle strong, include VITAMIN E, SILICA,SELENIUM, MAGNESIUM, VITAMIN C, COQ10, and GINKGO BILOBA.


There is no need to take an additional B-complex over and above this product.   Most students of nutrition now take 3 to 5,000IU of vitamin D daily (skipping weekends) for optimal benefit to health, mood and immunity, so it is worth taking extra vitamin D if you can’t get it from the sun. As well, for a highly stressful lifestyle, or for those with compromised immune systems, it would be good to take additional vitamin C, two more times daily. While the amount of vitamin C in a DAILY PACK is sufficient to create a glutathione spike (immune supportive antioxidant), taking an additional vitamin C pill once or twice later in the day, will offer more immune support and well as supporting the adrenal glands against stress.

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