be greater than your desire to stay the same.”

Have you been waiting for the right place to fit in and look and feel your very best? We know that motivating yourself and initiating the first step to make a change can be daunting and challenging. At Ola Fit For Life we are confident that you will be comfortable at our facility and that we can help you transform yourself to be in the best shape of your life!

Ola Fit For Life is a fitness club that will provide a safe and welcoming environment to it’s members to experience high-quality fitness equipment and services. Our trainers are certified and can provide personal training, group training, personalized plans, coaching, nutrition, supplement and fitness expertise. Whether your aim is to gain strength, gain muscle, lose weight, tone, cut, bulk or body build – Ola Fit For Life can work with you to ensure you achieve your desired goal.

Based in Downtown Cloverdale, Surrey, British Columbia – Ola Fit For Life is dedicated to assisting its community to better their health and well-being. We love to ignite and instill the passion for fitness in our community members and then seeing them dedicate themselves to the lifelong journey of becoming and staying Fit For Life. Are you ready to make a change to better yourself? Together, we can make your life better, healthier and happier! Make Ola Fit For Life a part of your life to achieve the transformation you desire. Visit, call or email us to start yourself on a path to a healthy BODY, healthy MIND and healthy LIFE!

Our Vision

To be a leading fitness facility providing exceptional member experience and high-quality fitness services that will instill a life long passion for fitness and lead to improved health and wellbeing of our community members.

Our Mission

To provide a safe and welcoming environment to community members to improve health and wellbeing, reach fitness goals and be fit for life.

Our Values

  • We value our community members. Our community members include our customers, guests, staff and anyone we interact with inside and outside our facility.
  • We value a welcoming environment. Everyone has a right to improve their health and learn new fitness techniques. We will always welcome our community members with eye-contact, a smile, greeting by name and offering any assistance if required.
  • We value a positive atmosphere. We will recruit skilled and reputable staff that will positively educate, motivate, encourage, guide and support our community members and create an overall fun and desirable experience.
  • We value accountability. We will use open communication and be responsible for our actions towards our community members. We will take care of our facility and attend to any matters big or small when required.
  • We value the power of green. We will continuously seek ways to reduce our footprint and minimize negative environmental impacts.
  • We value feedback. We will welcome, listen and improve on any feedback that will better our facility for our community members.



Ola Fit For Life Center locates in Downtown Cloverdale, Surrey.
With superb privacy protection, you do not need to share the space with random people!


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Not just physical training, but the guidance, motivate and inspire you on ways to assess your strength and take action to be successful in any aspects of your life!

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